Why Us to Provide Care Services?

Happy Caregivers

  • We offer diversity. We speak, read, write and understand English.
  • We build trust worthy relationships with a personal touch and know what makes a client happy.
  • We are local, experienced and professional.
  • We respect the client and client's home.
  • 100 % caregivers happily paid above minimum wage rates.
  • We are about quality care. You get what you pay for. 

How We Started

Seven years ago, I was inspired by a sharp and witty client, 100 years old, who championed quality care. :) 

At Island Angels, our core focus is Quality Care With Love.  Our culture of love starts with the ownership and moves through our office staff to caregivers, and ultimately to our clients. I stand proud of our care aides as we continue to leave behind a trail of satisfied clients.   Curl Langman - Chief, Island Angels.

Caregivers You Can Trust


Trust and respect are keys to a healthy caregiver - client relationship. :)  Our hand-picked team  are predominantly from cultures across the South Pacific (Caregivers from Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, etc ) where cultural values are instilled in us at a young age. We revere and prioritize the welfare of our aging population.   Whatever your needs may be, we will take the time to get to know you and develop and provide an individualized care plan that works. If you are searching for unique individuals to provide senior services and care services for a loved one, call Island Angels for Care with Love 

Each new hire completes a online training program and on-the-job shadowing and skills check. Care Aides receive continuous in-house, online and emergency preparedness training. Aides are insured, bonded, licensed with the state and cleared local, federal checks.